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Heavy duty 9 volt DC regulated power supply

Here are pics taken by Tristan of his version, which is a multi-voltage supply, with isolated individual secondary windings on the power transformer, giving true isolated separate supplies similar to the Spyder project.

The power transformer he used has many individual isolated secondary windings.

This was his first attempt at building a power supply and he's done a top job! Full marks for a really professional project. It has multiple voltages as well as being isolated. Here is his own description:


"So I used a Weber transformer that has 110-220-240V in (I used 240V), with eight 300ma 11V outputs, and one 9V 2amp output - . I used 4 of the 11V outs and using your circuit design, made 4 isolated 9V regulated outs. The fifth output is actual 24V regulated with a positive tip, which I made by wiring 3 of the 11V outs together in series, then using your circuit design again but with a 24V regulator instead of a 9V regulator. I had to change two of the capacitors to  ones that could handle the slightly higher voltage (you should be able to see the board with the different filter caps in the pictures). I did that as I had one pedal that operates on 24V. So a few of the outputs are currently unused, but I had trouble fitting all that in anyway!
If I was really careful, I could have probably added another output or two. It’s the first time I’ve ever done a power supply, so I was pushing my limits anyway! Thanks to your webpage I was able to avoid a couple of potential pitfalls (such as shorting the regulators on the chassis - I didn’t know I needed to insulate them from the chassis and only realised that when looking at your parts list!)
Thanks again.