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Valves to digital ...

'Big warm & friendly...'

At right, an early model Yamaha 2002 power amp. Powerful and warm, these units along with Crowns, Amcrons and Phase Linears were used in high powered P.A. systems in the '70s and '80s. Back then there were no dedicated high powered sound reinforcement amps available like today. The result? - most big P.A.s in those days tended to sound warmer and more engaging than they do now because the old muscle amps and horn loaded speakers sounded good as well as kicking out power. They were designed by audio engineers who were sound enthusiasts and music lovers, for studios and well healed audiophiles with big lounge rooms. With the increasing emphasis on the corporate aspect these days, there isn't as much sentiment for the idea of a P.A. system having warmth. Modern P.A. gear is however very cost effective and professional, and designed to work with standardised connections such as XLRs and Speakon connectors. The speaker drivers are more consistent and reliable, and many of the powered speaker systems are excellent value.

With lightweight switch-mode power supplies, class 'D' amplifier modules (see and high efficiency rare earth magnets in the speaker drivers, it should be possible to make a high powered system able to be carried under one arm!


An old Roland powered desk ...

At right, a Music Man 210. The construction quality is the best I have seen in a conventional guitar amp. These amps were hybrids - most of the circuitry consists of early type op-amps (housed in the metal cylindrical cases like transistors), driving a valve output stage. In my view, they didn't sound very transparent compared to their all valve cousins, but they certainly were a milestone in reliability and quality at the time.