'Clouds of Stone'

'Clouds of Stone' was a great hard rocking band formed around 1991, comprising Nathan Morrow (on bass and guitar) James Harrison on vocals, and myself Kelvin Fleming on guitar and home recordist. We had a couple of drummers for gigs, first Rob ...... and then Vange ...... on skins. We also did some other recordings at a small studio with Rob on drums. These recordings were done on a TEAC 4 track tape recorder with two Tandy PZM microphones, with Greg Martin doing the drums with brushes in my lounge room at Box Hill.


We recorded the rhythm track ambiently and then dubbed James's vocal and the lead guitar simultaneously on the other two tracks of the TEAC. I later remastered the recordings on my M-Audio Delta 66 card and they came up pretty well considering the primative technology. I think we all agreed in hindsight that the result was pretty damn good considering the resources at our disposal. A good example of the truth that good recordings are largely the product of creativity rather than technology. I certainly marvel at the almost perfect lead breaks I did at the time.

The delightfull 'I Saw Her Standing' featuring James's marvelous double track vocals, and 'Happy Sad Girl' penned by Nathan were done much later in my music room with Nathan playing acoustic, and me on my Tele and Maton bass.



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