'Leads of LOve'

TRS extension cable and custom guitar and sound leads

Please note that I am no longer making and selling typical leads and cables due to competition from cheap imports. I have retained this page for those DIY folk seeking useful information.

'guitars-of-love' is a non profit website based in Melbourne Australia.

A  TRS  extension cable, or headphone extension cable  (TRS male to female) is a really handy thing to have around any recording setup, or quality home Hi Fi. It features super strength gold plated Amphenol TRS phono jacks with a unique Altronics brand female locking TRS line socket with gold plated contacts. The cable is a sturdy and affordable 5mm mic type made by Altronics, or the option of very high quality braided shielded Canare cable from Japan.  You can see here for photos of the work-jig I use for these.

The cable is also useful as a speaker extension cable for guitar amps - a handy thing for  servicing guitar amps or even as an extension to a speaker cabinet during a recording session. It's DC line resistance measures 0.2 ohms or less.

It's available with in-line or right angle male jacks depending on your preference. The right angled jack is useful in situations where the source equipment may be vulnerable to accidental damage if knocked sideways. It's designed so that it sits 'proud' enough to sit clear of most HP O/P sockets on the front panels.

There are several options and prices available for these cables which include right angle TRS jack to line socket / inline jack to line socket, and a choice of either the sturdy budget priced Altronics coax, or the high quality Japanese Canare cable.


In line TRS extension:

Right angle (proud) TRS extension: 

I also make custom built guitar and audio cables to fill a niche in the market.  I make to order using the best quality Amphenol gold series phono jacks and TRS jacks with a choice of Amphenol coax cable or the top quality Japanese Canare shielded cable. It all comes together to make a lead that is robust, flexible and sound transparent, with a choice of in line or the unique Amphenol right angle jack which can be used in almost any situation.  Both cables are highly tactile and flexible but the Japanese made Canare cable is better crafted and features a superior quality finely woven shield.

Prices for these cables (5 metres) start from AU$25 for the right angle to right angle with Amphenol cable, through to $50 for the inline to inline with Canare cable.

Why is the capacitance of a guitar lead important?

A cable with high capacitance will significantly reduce the clarity of the top end of your guitar, particularly with high pot values such as the 500Kohm pots in a Les Paul, or even worse on a Telecaster with 1 meg-ohm pots. It has the same effect as turning your tone control down to mellow the sound, which in effect brings a capacitor in parallel with the input signal - i.e. a 6dB/octave Low Pass Filter (LPF). Many cheaply manufactured cables have a chunky appearance due to large amounts of PVC or plastic around the wires, but are very high in capacitance - enough to begin rolling off the top end of the guitar from as low as 2 kilohertz, and take all the attack out of the sound. They are just a waste of oil!

The Amphenol right angle plug:

Made of alloy, the hood screws on over a split end piece giving a secure, strong construction. The advantage of this design is that it will work in almost all situations where normally an in-line plug is used. It allows more protection for the socket because it is far less vulnerable to sideways stress than an in-line.

The Amphenol in-line plug:

Constructed basically the same as an XLR microphone plug, the cable is held in a plastic clamp by the action of screwing up the rear hood. To enable the use of 6mm cable however, some modification of the clamp is necessary.

The Altronics locking TRS stereo socket:

A sturdy stereo in-line socket with locking mechanism.

"How do I get'em?"

You can email me at: kelvin@guitars-of-love.com with specific length requirements. I can sell you direct by way of PayPal or direct bank deposit. If you wish to EFT just email me and I'll send the bank details.