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'Wedding Cake Island'


'Peter Gun'


From the archives - maybe the eccentric rendition of 'Apache' (by Jerry Lordon) recorded at 'Geemar' dress shop in Surrey Hills.

From the vault; live and raw - at Inflation Nightclub 1986 with the original line-up, 'Hawaii Five 0'

Here's an original recorded at the Geemar dress shop which used to be in Surrey Hills, Melbourne. 'Bike Riding' (© Kelvin Fleming 1992) This is my 'end product' version, which I just remixed digitally. The rhythm track: drums and guitars were recorded on a Sony Beta Hi Fi VCR. I then transferred that to my TEAC 4 track and bounced from that to Minidisc to achieve the final mix. Real caveman stuff!

Here's an alternate version of Bike Riding which I have come to prefer to the more authorative V1. I made it on a clapped out 7 inch reel of BASF tape as a kind of a demo to learn it.
'Bike Riding' (© Kelvin Fleming 1992)



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