I was at a social gathering the other day, and played some folks my latest recording (in this case Herb's 'The Lonely Bull') Someone said "It sounds like one of those K-Tel records..." I thought "Yep - that's me" Apart from playing in many bands over the years, I have pursued solo recordings with alacrity. Some of this stuff is pretty good I reckon. I find with recordings, as most do I'm sure, that at the time I am never really satisfied with the result. When I listen back some time later, I am often amazed at what I achieved with little more than determination. For the first few years I had only one average quality EV microphone to work with, and resorted to all sorts of eccentricities such as putting drum machines through old valve amps to punch the sound up....

All the music files on my download page are maximum quality 320kbps either 44.1KHz or 48KHz mp3s. They have no overall compression or applied 'mastering' techniques or software. 

The music is recorded on the simplest possible gear. I take the Abbey Road approach. Most of it has been re-mastered from 4-track recordings originally made on a TEAC 4 track A3440 reel to reel. Some more recently, all digital recordings have been done on my M-Audio Delta 66 card, using the TEAC as a microphone pre-amp. There are no mixing desks involved, so the sound remains very warm. I mostly mic with two old Tandy 'Realistic' omni directional PZMs, for which I have designed and built a custom active pre-amp, and done away with the cheap audio transformers inside. Virtually everything I record is in real stereo (except the bass), so spatial integrity is part of the package. Enjoy!

I also dabble in some classical guitar. You can hear some here:



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