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The Resly Tone RT-18

At right is the detail of the bypass socket mods. It requires 2 x 6 pole stomp switches. One switch ('B' on the left) just bypasses the Resly Tone circuitry (the sockets on the left bottom), the other switch ('A' in the middle) bypasses everything between the guitar and the amp (the sockets at top left). The section of the cct supplied does not show the Resly on / off activation part of switch 'B'. This can be found on the complete circuit page.

The Resly "boot-strap" input:




Below - the main board; note that the mult-pin connector at the top of the board has been replaced by hard wiring due to failure. The input resistor is indicated, originally 47Kohm, and should be replaced with a much higher value (470K or more) to maintain tonal integrity from passive pick-ups.